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We want to make this the best experience possible for your learners. Request a free Tech Check and we will test your connectivity, audio and video. We can also give you a brief preview of our award-winning lessons.


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πŸ”’ Safe Connect with Your Children

All Mote Education staff members are full-time employees. Our staff, interns and volunteers have all passed a VECHS background check. Our entire team has been trained on proper virtual learning safety practices.

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(941) 388-2904 ☎️ / seatrek @ πŸ“§

Our Roles & Responsibilities

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  • About our Team: All Mote Education staff members are full-time employees. Our staff, interns and volunteers have all passed a VECHS background check. Our entire team has been trained on proper virtual learning safety practices.

  • Ratios: Virtual Learning programs are led by Mote Educators, and we will have a minimum of two Mote Education team members online with your child at all times, whether we are in the larger Zoom meeting or a breakout room.

  • Communications: All written communications regarding the Virtual Learning program, will come from either or Please add these addresses to your email account to ensure you see any messages we send. Mote Education and its staff will not contact you with any information specific to your child, your registration, or anything else pertinent to your program via any other means (i.e. social media). This is to ensure your child’s safety and privacy.

  • Communications between Mote Staff and your child: Mote Education staff will only communicate directly with your child during each session via the built-in audio and chat features of the videoconferencing platform (i..e, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, etc.).

  • Sharing Contact Info: It is not Mote’s intention to have participants share their contact info, however our programs are designed to be interactive and give participants a fun experience. While we will not encourage this at any point in our programs, we also know kids can easily give their social media handles or a phone number while communicating with their peers. Please speak to your child regarding this prior to the program so they follow your guidance regarding sharing this info.

  • Social Media: We do not promote or encourage use of social media in any of our programs, though we may discuss the role social media plays in technology, science, etc. We advise that all families adhere to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms’ age restrictions to ensure the safety of your child. We strongly encourage that parents/guardians are familiar with each platform’s individual Terms of Service.

  • Flipgrid: You and your child have the option to communicate with us using our Flipgrid topics. For more info, please visit

Your Roles & Responsibilities

  • Your child’s safety and privacy is a top priority during our programs. We have detailed the steps we are taking to ensure your child has a fun and secure experience with us. While we are implementing best practices, it is up to you and your child to follow our guidelines to ensure everyone has an good time.

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child’s participation in any of Mote’s virtual programs and all related outcomes, including but not limited to the use of materials in at-home activities and use of various media.

  • Adult supervision at home is advised during hands-on activities and experiments.

  • We ask that parents/guardians, other family members (except for registered siblings) and other non-participants do not view the program or engage via the microphone or video, for the safety and privacy of all child participants.

  • Parents/guardians should speak to their child regarding the appropriate use of social and other media, the sharing of any personal or private information on the Internet and in virtual learning or other settings, and they should monitor their child’s computer/device activity.

  • Do not take photos or screenshots of the connections to uphold the safety and privacy of all child participants.

  • We ask that all participants follow the Educators’ instructions during our sessions and are mindful of their fellow peers. We foster mutual respect in all of our programs.

  • πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ Our programs are a bully-free zone. If you or your child has any concerns during your connection, please let us know immediately. Your reminder email will include important contact information. Any instances of threatening or inappropriate speech, messaging, or other behavior will be grounds for removal from the program and forfeiture of any refund.

  • Please read all waivers at time of booking to ensure the best experience for your child.

How does this work?

1. SEA Trek – Virtual Field Trips

Secure, on-demand, pay-per-request, anytime, one-to-one conferences

We can see and hear your learners and they can see and hear us. They interact with us in real-time. Lessons are based on the 60+ years of marine science research at our lab located in Sarasota, Florida.

πŸ”’Secure, one-to-one conference only with your group.

πŸ•™ Available in 25 or 50 minute lengths.

πŸ“† Available on-demand as our availability allows.

πŸ’² Pay-per-request.

ℹ️ Learn more about SEA Trek.

2. SEA Show - Streamed Events

Open, scheduled, free, limited time, public livestreams

Dozens or hundreds connect with us at one time to watch a live video feed from Mote and interact through chat.

🌐 Open, public livestreams with both groups and individuals.

πŸ•˜ Usually 30 minutes long.

🎟 Limited availability.

πŸ“† Scheduled on specific dates.

πŸ†“ These connections are free.

ℹ️ Learn more about SEA Show.

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3. Skype in the Classroom + Teams Live Events

Live, direct, one-to-one, scheduled

Select virtual field trips are available on a limited basis through Skype in the classroom. They are offered for free exclusively through Microsoft's eduction portal.

πŸ•” 30 minutes long.

🎟 Limited availability.

πŸ†“ These connections are free.

ℹ️ Learn more about Skype in the Classroom.

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4. Flipgrid and YouTube

Recorded, direct, one-to-one, on-demand

Ask us anything about the ocean at anytime with our new Flipgrid. Our educators and researchers are available to answer your deep questions. And check out our YouTube channel for recordings of past virtual experiences.

πŸ†“ Flipgrid and YouTube are free.

ℹ️ Learn more about our Flipgrid.

ℹ️ Learn more about our YouTube.

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Tech for Connecting

  1. Computer or videoconference system (aka, codec). If you are connecting a large group from a single location, connect the comuter to a large screen TV or projector.

  2. Videoconferencing app. We can connect to you using hardware from Poly, Cisco, and LifeSize. Or use software like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex Teams, and Google Meet.

  3. Webcam or video camcorder. Most computers have a built in webcam. This can be difficult to position. A better choice is a removable webcam that can be position and focused independently.

  4. Headset or USB Speaker/microphone. A headset with microphone will reduce feedback and background noise. A high quality USB speaker/microphone with echo-cancellation will also reduce feedback.

  5. High-speed internet connection. Wired ethernet preferred. Wireless not recommended.

Helpful links

1. Computer, 2. Videoconferencing app, 3. Wecam, 4. Headset with mic, 5. High-speed Wired Internet Connection.

We will try whatever technology is necessary to connect with your learners.

How to Request a SEA Trek virtual field trip

Check our LESSON GUIDE for a full catalog of our lessons, including standards, length, price and resources and available dates. Click the Request/Signup buttons to see available dates. After you submit your request, we will verify your information and lesson availability. Your request is considered tentative until you receive a final confirmation email from us.

Billing and Cancellations

For lessons with a fee, an invoice will be sent to you after we confirm your requests. Requests for lessons are an obligation for payment. Checks should be made out to Mote Marine Laboratory, Inc.

Please send payment to:

MOTE MARINE LABORATORYATTN: EDUCATION DIVISION1600 Ken Thompson ParkwaySarasota, Florida 34236

Payment is due within 30 days of delivery of lessons. There will be a 5% interest charge per month on late invoices. Late payment may affect our ability to offer you connections in the future.

Note: there is no charge for FREE programs (SEA Show and Skype in the Classroom) or test calls.

Billing Questions: please contact our Manager of Operations and Administration, Lauren Markham at (941) 388-4441;348 or email

Cancellations: You may reschedule a lesson once per request at no charge for any reason by emailing or calling 941-388-2904. Please let us know at least 48 hours prior to your lesson date. Fees will be waived due to technical problems only if they are reliably traced to a malfunction on our end. You may schedule a separate, free Tech Check prior to your lesson to ensure the quality of your connection. You may connect with us up to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to ensure the quality of the connection. However, you must connect with us no later than 15 minutes after your start time to avoid cancellation and billing.

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