How to connect

Tech Check

We want to make this the best experience possible for your learners. Request a free Tech Check and we will test your connectivity, audio and video. We can also give you a brief preview of our award-winning lessons.

  • Our H.323 endpoint is also available for unstaffed test calls.
SCHEDULING HELPLINE: (941) 388-2904We use Bookeo to process requests.

How does this work?

There are three formats for content delivered by Mote Marine Laboratory.

1. Virtual Lessons (Virtual Field Trips)

Direct, one-to-one classroom experiences where learners can interact with us in real-time. We can see and hear your learners and they can see and hear us. Mote SEAtrek.TV lessons are live, two-way, interactive virtual lessons between your school or organization and our laboratory in Florida. Lessons are based on the 60+ years of marine science research at our lab.

  • Most Virtual Lessons are available in either 25 or 50 minute lengths. These connections are available on-demand as our availability allows. There is a fee for these connections.
  • Learn more about our Virtual Lessons.

Technology: There are many ways to connect with us for virtual lessons. Some schools and organizations use dedicated systems from Polycom, Cisco and LifeSize. These hardware systems are often called H.323 codecs after the communication standard they used to "talk" to each other. There are also numerous software-based video solutions available like Zoom, Webex Teams, Skype, Google Hangout Meets and much more. We are as flexible as possible in making your connection request. If you have any questions about how to receive our virtual lessons, please contact us.

2. Livestreams and Webinars

Shared, public, one-to-many connections. We use Zoom or YouTube Live to connect to dozens or hundreds at one time. Classrooms watch a live video presentation from Mote and interact primarily through chat.

3. Skype in the classroom

Select lessons are available exclusively through Skype in the classroom. They are schedule through Microsoft's eduction portal.

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Basic Recommended Technology for Connections

  • Computer or videoconference system (aka, codec).
  • Large screen TV or projector. Since this is a a two-way video connection, we recommend using a large, bright TV screen over a projector when possible.
  • Webcam or video camcorder. Most laptops have a built in webcam. This can be difficult to position. A better choice is a removable webcam that can be position and focused independently.
  • USB Speaker/microphone. A high quality USB speaker/microphone with echo-cancellation will eliminate feedback.
  • High-speed internet connection. Wired ethernet preferred. Wireless not recommended.

How to Request a Lesson

Check our LESSON GUIDE for a full catalog of our lessons, including standards, length, price and resources and available dates. Click the Request/Signup buttons to see available dates. After you submit your request, we will verify your information and lesson availability. Your request is considered tentative until you receive a final confirmation email from us.

Billing and Cancellations

A statement will be sent to you via email and we will invoice you after successful delivery of each lesson. Payment is due in full upon receipt of the invoice. Checks should be made out to Mote Marine Laboratory, Inc.

Please send payment to:

MOTE MARINE LABORATORYATTN: EDUCATION DIVISION1600 Ken Thompson ParkwaySarasota, Florida 34236

A 1 1/2% late charge will be added thirty days after the invoice date. Non-payment will result in the denial of further requests from your organization.

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your confirmed lesson date to avoid billing. You may connect with us up to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time to ensure the quality of the connection. However, you must connect with us no later than 15 minutes after your start time to avoid cancellation and billing. Lesson fees will not be waived due to technical problems unless reliably traced to a malfunction on our end. You may schedule a separate, free Tech Check prior to your lesson to ensure the quality of your connection.