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Looking for a way to engage inquiry and STEM-ulate minds this summer?

  • From gameshows to animal training sessions, our programs will spark campers' curiosity while making conservation connections.
  • If you have an internet connection, you can virtually visit us in Florida.
  • Available via Skype, Zoom, WebEx and more.
  • Options available in 25 and 50 minute lengths for kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school.
  • We hope to make a splash with your campers soon!
Internet connectivity required


01. Sharks $63

Ages 5–18+

$75 $63 this summer.

Connect to experience a narrated shark feeding and training session from our 135,000-gallon shark habitat.

02. Manatees $135

Ages 8–14

$150 $135 this summer.

Do you know how to train a 3000-pound relative of the elephant? Find out how we train and care for our manatees, Hugh and Buffett.

03. Sea Turtles $135

Ages 8–14

$150 $135 this summer.

A lively gameshow reveals why sea turtles are truly amazing! Tour our turtle hospital and discover how we care for baby turtles.

All requests booked between 6/10–8/15/2019 are discounted up to 15%.

All requests booked between 6/10–8/16/2019 are discounted up to 15%.

For addtional requirements, dates and details, see below.


"The team at Mote delivers a fantastic session that is engaging and fun for the students. The staff work to deliver the session to the age/developmental ability of the students. The videos are amazing and it is so cool to see personalized videos to the students' questions. In addition, the team is great at working with us to find a time that fits into everyone's schedule!"
– C.D. @
Additional program options available. See below for details.

Easy to Connect

We can connect to you using almost any modern videoconferencing technology.

☎️ HELPLINE: (941) 388-2904

Equipment required

  1. Computer or videoconference system (aka, codec).
  2. Large screen TV or projector. Since this is a a two-way video connection, we recommend using a large, bright TV screen over a projector when possible.
  3. Webcam or video camcorder. Most laptops have a built in webcam. This can be difficult to position. A better choice is a removable webcam that can be position and focused independently.
  4. USB Speaker/microphone. A high quality USB speaker/microphone with echo-cancellation will eliminate feedback.
  5. High-speed internet connection. Wired ethernet preferred. Wireless not recommended.
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All requests booked between 6/10–8/15/2019 are discounted up to 15%. Save an additional 10% off your first request with code: deeper
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