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Erich Bartels of Mote Marine Lab surveys corals growing on blocks in the nursery offshore of Big Pine Key, Florida. ©2012 Tim Calver

STEM-ulating Explorations

Take a virtual field trip with Mote. Dive into our aquarium and chat with a shark trainer. Or explore a coral reef and make observations like a real scientist.

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Children and their favorite adults learn together through Mote SEAtrek.TV virtual lessons. ©Haley Preininger/Mote Marine Laboratory

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How does this work? It's easy! With virtual learning, we can see and hear your learners and they can see and hear us. For PreK-12th + Lifelong Learners.

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Free Virtual Experience - Sharks Alive - Feb. 28, 2019

FREE Virtual Experience

Celebrate Digital Learning Day with Mote Marine Laboratory and OCEARCH on a white shark expedition in the North Atlantic.

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What is Mote SEAtrek.TV?

Mote SEAtrek.TV lessons are live, two-way, interactive virtual connections between your school or organization and our laboratory in Florida. We can see and hear your learners and they can see and hear us. Lessons are based on the 60+ years of marine research at our lab. Lessons are available in 25 and 50 minute lengths for PreK-12th + Lifelong Learners.

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CILC Pinnacle Award

CILC Pinnacle Award

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration is a nonprofit organization established in 1994 and specializing in the use of virtual lessons for interactive content and professional development for K-12+ education and Lifelong Learners.

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Attention Sarasota Teachers!

Bring learning to life with explorations from Mote Marine Laboratory. Our ExploreSRQ listings are eligible for funding from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, as well as the Education Foundation of Sarasota County.

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