Special Events

African Americans in Marine Science

Celebrate African Americans' contributions to marine science during this livestream with Mote Aquarium Biologist Amanda Hodo.

Background: Amanda Hodo was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Throughout high school, she participated in various teen programs with the Shedd Aquarium, which sparked her interest in marine life. She attended Grinnell College in Grinnell, IA and graduated with a B.A. in Biology. During the summer following her graduation, she was an Aquarium Husbandry intern at Mote. That fall, she returned to Chicago and interned in the Fishes Department (Quarantine) at the Shedd Aquarium and was later hired by Mote for the Temporary Exhibit. She loves soccer, reading, football, scuba diving, Latin dance, and singing.

Objectives: during this program participants will: 

  • develop an appreciation for Black History Month
  • learn about seahorse conservation and husbandry
  • engage in a conversation with a marine science expert

Format: Zoom Meeting (register here)

Ages (Grades): 11-12 (6th), 12-13 (7th), 13-14 (8th), 14-15 (9th), 15-16 (10th), 16-17 (11th), 17-18 (12th), Adult (Lifelong)

Duration: 50 mins


Basic Recommended Technology

  • Computer or videoconference system running Zoom. Learn more about Zoom.
  • Large screen TV or projector. Since this is a a two-way video connection, we recommend using a large, bright TV screen over a projector when possible.
  • Webcam or video camcorder. Most laptops have a built in webcam. This can be difficult to position. A better choice is a removable webcam that can be position and focused independently.
  • High-speed internet connection. Wired ethernet preferred. Wireless not recommended.
  • USB Speaker/microphone. A high quality USB speaker/microphone with echo-cancellation will eliminate feedback.