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OCEARCH and its team of collaborating scientists, including Dr. Robert Hueter, Director of the Center for Shark Research at Mote Marine Laboratory, are embarking on a three-week expedition to tag mature great white sharks. The expedition will run from Feb. 22 - March 15 in waters off South Carolina and possibly North Carolina and Georgia.

This is OCEARCH's 28th expedition and first of 2017. It will facilitate research projects by scientists at multiple universities and marine laboratories.

The team’s goal is to gather data on the biology, ecology, physiology and behavior of sharks in the Atlantic Ocean. They hope to increase the sample size for great white shark research, to gain a more complete picture of white shark movements, habitats, life history and conservation challenges in the Atlantic.

The scientists will take measurements, collect multiple biological samples and conduct health assessments of the great white sharks briefly raised out of the water on the special hydraulic lift of the M/V OCEARCH.

The expedition will include scientists from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Mote Marine Laboratory, University of North Florida, Adventure Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, Georgia Southern, University of South Florida, University of South Carolina-Beaufort, WCS’ New York Aquarium, University of Massachusetts, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Auburn University and College of Charleston.

https://mote.org/news/article/mote-to-join-ocearch-shark-tagging-expeditionMOTE TO JOIN OCEARCH SHARK TAGGING EXPEDITION

Mote Marine Laboratory will offer a live Google Hangout with scientists aboard the OCEARCH on Thursday, March 2, 2017 from 2:00 pm-3:00pm ET.

For the Hangout we will have Dr. Bob Hueter (senior scientist, Mote), Chris Fischer (OCEARCH), Dr. Rob Nowicki (postdoc, Mote-Summerland), Dr. Mike Hyatt (veterinarian, Adventure Aquarium NJ) and grad student Casey Zender (Univ. North Florida).

Please use #LowcountryExpedition for any social media posts. We will be watching the YouTube chat space and Twitter for your questions. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a real-time connection to a vessel out at sea. The connection is subject to weather and limitations of ship-to-shore communications. Every effort will be made to make the connection, but there is always the possibility the connection will be delayed, rescheduled or canceled depending on conditions at sea.

The connection will also be archived on YouTube for later viewing if you can't watch in realtime.

This program is a live, two-way interactive program focused on shark behavior research at Mote Marine Laboratory. Participants will learn how and why Mote Marine Laboratory studies these animals. Participants will discuss shark research at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. Participants will discover why sharks are important to the ocean ecosystem and what humans can do to help conserve and protect sharks. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions with our Ocean Experts, Dr. Bob Hueter, Director of the Center for Shark Research at Mote Marine Laboratory. Experts from OCEARCH will also be on hand to discuss the innovative technology and research available on the vessel.