Manatee Care and Research at Mote

Manatee Care and Research

Teachers and students: use the resources on this page to prepare for or follow up on your interactive video lesson connection with us.
  1. Explore the resources on this page and learn more about marine careers at Mote Marine Laboratory.
  2. Take the Coral Research at Mote Quiz to test your knowledge.
  3. Come up with your own questions to ask our Ocean Expert during your live video lesson connection.

  • Ages (Grade): 10-11 (5th), 11-12 (6th), 12-13 (7th), 13-14 (8th), 14-15 (9th), 15-16 (10th), 16-17 (11th), 17-18 (12th), Adult (College), Adult (School Teachers/Admins; etc), Adult (Public; Library; Senior Center; etc)
  • Duration: 0:25 / 0:50
  • Objectives: Students will learn about ____.
  • Outline: In this lesson, Mote Marine Laboratory will present a media-rich program on the coral reef research. This program features: _____.
  • Mote Research Connection: Coral Health & DiseaseOcean AcidificationCoral Reef Ecology & MicrobiologyCoral Reef RestorationCoral Reef Monitoring & Assessment
  • Animals in this lesson: corals, sea anemone, clown fish, eels, sharks, grouper
  • Keywords: ecology, ecosystem, environment, conservation, research, coral reefs, ocean acidification
Lesson Resources
  • Coral Research at Mote slides

Manatee Research at Mote - Links
Browse these links for more information about coral reef research.